Ad hoc reporting and powerful segmentation
Almost all reports in Yandex.Metrica can be completely customized. You can select any dimensions and metrics, add multiple goals to the same report, switch attribution models, create ad hoc segments, and save as many custom reports as you need.
Full customization
Every business is different, and we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all reporting. In Yandex.Metrica, you have many ready-made reports available right away – like reports on traffic sources or audience location – but they are just templates which you can easily modify to get the answers to the questions that are uniquely yours.
Powerful segmentation
Insights are never found in totals. You will always have to explore your audience by breaking it into meaningful groups. Use flexible filters to make custom segments: include or exclude various criteria, and apply different timeframes for each filter and for the whole report.
Statistical accuracy on demand
Some numbers are more reliable than others. When exploring averages and relative values, you can opt for only displaying the data calculated for a statistically-correct sample size – and avoid making skewed decisions.
User-centric filtering
To create a narrow segment, you can apply session-scope as well as user-scope criteria, which will take into account the full session history of each user. For example, you can pick out sessions with conversions, but only from users who were first driven to your site by a particular promotional campaign.
Consolidated statistics for several sites
If you have several websites that you need to keep an eye on, such as for regional office branches, then joint statistics for all of these websites may be useful. Simply use the same label for the sites you want to monitor simultaneously to see combined statistics all in a separate report. No changes to those sites’ code snippets are required.
User-controlled sampling
Yandex.Metrica captures all sessions and events your site sends. When fetching a report, the system automatically adjusts sampling rate to get you the data you need faster. You can always change the sampling setting and even opt for the maximum accuracy and choose 100% of the sessions to go into a report – regardless of the data amount.
Get started in minutes
To start using Yandex.Metrica, simply register an account, get code snippet,
and add it to all pages of your site.